Communication comes in many shapes and sizes

Willemijn van de Aast

Another evening walk with my mother. Already lost count of how far we’ve walked. Through the woods and across the heath, listening to birds, to nature and to each other. I know, I know, it sounds really rather mundane. But believe me, it’s anything but.

I realise while walking that so much more time has now been freed up for other things. Normally around this time I’d be at the sports centre playing volleyball. And the night after that going out with my girlfriends. There was normally no time for an evening walk. Or perhaps I never made the time.

My world suddenly got quite a bit smaller, but somehow I don’t really mind at all right now. Of course I miss my girlfriends and all the fun activities that were planned. But it also brings some peace and quiet. Now you really have time to listen to each other and yourself and to think about and appreciate the small but important things. The time you spend with your family is suddenly much more meaningful and you talk about very different things together. And that leads to other thoughts and ideas, and stimulates my creativity, which I can then apply in my work.

‘The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.’
– Peter Ferdinand Drucker

I think about my work at Mooi Creatie and how I can apply these new thoughts and ideas in what I do. Communication with customers and colleagues is currently done in a different way than we are used to. We are no longer allowed to receive customers and some of our colleagues are working from home. Together we are dealing with this in a creative way, ensuring we are still in close contact with each other. We all empathise with each other, support each other and listen to everyone else’s personal experience and story. You feel connected. You approach your customers in a different way than you would normally do, and the conversations you have with them are very different. I think that’s special.

So our ways of communicating have changed rapidly in a short period of time. But what will our communications look like in the future, now that we know it can be done in many other ways? Will it remain the same as now, or will we revert to our old patterns as soon as everything is ‘normal’ again? As communication experts, we are of course always on the lookout for new communication channels and possibilities. So also looking to the future, let’s take advantage of how we are interacting and communicating with each other now.

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