Our Method

However creative we may be, structured methods create clarity. For all parties. Now that’s practical. Whatever your requirements, large or small, we start by analyzing the issue and determining the advice and strategy. Only then do we create the necessary tools to achieve the required target.


So where does the question come from? What has already been done to find a solution? What is the strategic target? These are the starting points for our analysis. Available means or processes might already be suitable to achieve the target. After all, why would we want to reinvent the wheel?


Based on the issue at hand and our analysis, we advise you on the approach or devise a strategy. This can be done by developing a brand positioning statement (BPS) when positioning a brand, or formulating a communication strategy for a communication issue. Forget the lengthy plans, and embrace a creative, practical and solution-based approach.


Making beautiful things, that’s our passion and that’s where we are in our element. But we cannot do so without the basis of the analysis and the advice and the strategy. We choose the means that contribute to the target, and work them out in detail. A concept is our guide. Whether it’s a new identity, campaign or new method of communication.