What makes DNA so important?

Bas Bosscher

Some questions pop up more frequently than others. “Can you help us in any way?” is one of them. Of course we can. We start by exploring topics that are essential for our work. Often the answers are not readily available, simply because nobody has ever thought about them. Companies are often born out of passion and that’s what they focus on entirely. Developing a strong brand isn’t top of mind. Once the company has become successful, it often finds itself in a highly competitive market. In this phase, it is good to take a close look at the company. Are there any options for fine-tuning of the positioning, for instance? A clear and crisp positioning makes it easier to reach your target group, and the right message will distinguish you from your competitors. But prior to determining your positioning, we want to know all about your company’s DNA. Why are you doing things the way you are doing them? What do your people get out of bed for in the morning? What drives them?

The literal meaning of DNA is this: “DNA is a molecule in which all hereditary information of all known organisms is recorded.” So it is a building block for all organisms. We believe that every company or brand has its own DNA. It’s a unique building block. It contains all the information that distinguishes a company or brand from its peers. It brings the company’s success back to the very core. And that’s where we start. From there we will examine and map the company or brand in order to determine a better positioning. We will formulate the company’s vision and, following on from that, a mission statement. What are the core values and how are they reflected in the organisation? What are the USPs? Usually, we use a number of brainstorming sessions to bring this to the surface.

Once all the ins and outs of the company are clear, we will translate them into practice. First, we will analyse the existing identity and test it against our findings. Our target is to develop – if necessary revamp – a visual identity that strengthens the company’s positioning. We then look at the communication objectives and their implementation (corporate marketing items).

Also wondering about your company’s DNA? Let’s have a look at it together. Please contact me using the details below or give me a call on 06 34 34 87 02.

Published: 17-03-2020

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