Feel free to join me

Ewald Klein Herenbrink

Feel free to join me. This was a marketing item we developed for one of our customer’s events earlier this year. The fantastic feeling of being free, of having a great time together. Enjoying a top event together.

How much difference a month makes… Festivals, fairs, seminars. Just a few of the events that are cancelled because of the coronavirus.

How long’s it gonna take, where’s it gonna go? We simply don’t know. How do we deal with social and business contacts without ignoring the security measures? Innovative and creative initiatives are emerging, born out of the fact that, now more than ever, we have to think outside the box. A real challenge, for you and for us, communication professionals. How to communicate with your customers optimally and effectively in these circumstances? This must also be a question you have been asking yourselves.

What strikes me is that, on the basis of the information provided by the Dutch authorities and the central government, local authorities and municipalities mainly communicate in terms of figures. Of course we all want to know the facts, but I do really miss the personal touch. On TV, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte tells us that we need to do this together, but wouldn’t it also be wonderful to get support and comfort from your own mayor on a local level? We’re all apt to put more confidence in the words of people we know and meet on a regular basis, aren’t we? Keep to the strict rules, but don’t forget to communicate with each other.

Feel free to join me: at a distance for now, but I hope we will soon meet again, shaking hands and raising our glasses at some festival or event.

Warm greetings,

Photocredits: Robert Westera

Published : 17-03-2020

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