I can’t wait! An internship at Mooi Creatie

Iris Mulder

It’s actually at the back of your mind right from the start. The search for your own qualities, and finding just the right internship. As a first-year student you have next to no knowledge about the professional field, and during your studies you gradually become aware of skills that you can work on during your internship. And of course you hope to learn new things in practice.

So what am I looking for in a company where I’d like to do an internship? What companies would be able to teach me what I need to know, and where can I develop my skills? Am I more suited to a large company or a small one? Do I prefer to sit behind the computer or rather work with my hands?

Just a few of the questions that occurred to me on hearing the word internship. This is my first time as an intern and it’s quite difficult when there are several things that interest you and all kinds of new things you want to learn in practice.

“It’s going to be an adventure in which we can hopefully learn a great deal from each other, and have fun while doing so.”

I started by drawing up a list of things that I wanted from my internship, and those I did not. While studying, I discovered that I enjoy combining traditional work and digital work. Working by hand to start with and then digitalising it in my own way. I’d like to develop more confidence in my own work and in the presentation of that work, and I also hope to improve the translation from concept into design. I really enjoy variation and experimentation, trying out new things. Based on these learning targets, I set out to find a company that could tick all my target boxes.

My internship interview was not the first time I’d become acquainted with Mooi Creatie. During my third year, Bas and Ewald had introduced Mooi Creatie to my fellow students and I at the art academy. The way in which they presented the company and their approach to projects really appealed to me. I envisaged a really friendly studio, where creative processes are developed around the table, and where input and involvement is essential in order to achieve the best possible results. A small company where I felt at home, back then and indeed now. A company where I can tick all my learning target boxes.

I can’t wait!

Iris Mulder, 4th year student in Graphic Design at Artez Zwolle

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